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Probably the largest project we’ve worked on, spanning many years.  Colin came to us lost in a plethora of spreadsheets and a very complex system for producing not only an online catalogue, but also a printed catalogue that gets posted to his customers. All the work was done manually.

We worked with Colin to completely change how he went about producing his auction catalogues and removing much of the manual work along the way. We created him a database with a frontend application for compiling his auctions, managing his stock and managing the bidding process.  Once all the data was imported and refined, the bespoke website was able to use the same database to display the current auction and an archive.

The laborious process of creating the paper copy of the auction catalogue was reduced to a couple of clicks. Even the printing and mailing process is handled entirely by a 3rd party company by sending them the automated PDF copy.


Airmail Collector






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